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Woodturning gives possibility to make round objects: the log spins with the help of lathe, while the turner uses gouges to give shape and decorate the surface.

Vasi e Ciotole

Usually a compact grain wood is preferred but the skilled woodworker can shape even less valuable woods obtaining refined works.

It is an ancient technique already used by Egyptian, Greeks and Romans. First lathes were pedal operated; then, thanks to the development, became possible obtain the spinning by river flow and latter by the modern electrical motor.

With the woodturning it is possible to realize great variety of objects: furnishing: vessels, bowls, jewellery boxes, lamps, clocks; writing instruments: mechanical pencil, ballpoint and fountain pens also with golden details; other objects: spice mills, keyrings, jewelry, traditional objects and more.

The handmade objects are all unique and special because every single one can have slightly different shapes and can be used as original gifts even for special occasions as weddings.